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Can't Live Without:

Family, building houses, design, golf, & prosecco.

Pet Peeves:

Incompetence, bad taste and mean people!

Having spent most of her life in Durham Region, Tracy Mullin has built a strong reputation as an accomplished businesswoman, entrepreneur real estate developer & designer.

Tracy's instinct for creating beautiful homes combined with her knowledge and expertise in real estate, is on par with her approach to life: balancing refined beauty with livable appeal. Her attention to detail and passion for helping clients create a space they love are all hallmarks of Tracy's personal approach to her design aesthetic. While designing beautiful homes is Tracy's passion, The Kayland Group and its success is anchored in long-lasting and valued relationships that Mullin has cultivated with her clients over many years.

Tracy is proud to oversee her talented team and help them reach their true potential. When she’s not working, you can find Tracy on the golf course or spending time with her daughters.

Tracy M ullin



Can't Live Without:

Golf, family, and being active every day

Pet Peeves:

Friends who need an afternoon nap!

Larr y Llo yd

Larry has lived in Durham Region for most of his life. When he is not working, you can find him on the golf course or shooting hoops in the gym. Larry and his wife, Lorraine, are proud parents of two daughters, Britni and Brooke, and enjoy spending time with their grandchildren, Liam and Benny. In 2009 Larry and Tracy merged to form The Mullin Lloyd Team. 

Larry has been blessed with an abundance of past clients who continue to choose him as their realtor of choice. Those clients continue to refer him to friends and family as they know Larry offers superior knowledge in every aspect of residential real estate. 


Kayla - Use.png

Can't Live Without: Books, popcorn, wine & her dog Frankie!

Pet Peeves:

Loud chewing, slow drivers 

Former president of a business networking group, Kayla is well known for her outstanding customer service and her love of working with people; her innate business sense and people savvy exemplified by numerous awards and accolades. Kayla's ability to identify her clients' needs and offer direction that far exceeds their expectations, has built her a strong following of clients and business associates alike. Her love of educating first-time buyers on the home buying process eases the sometimes intimidating task, and turns it into a positive, exciting experience. Her hands on, can-do attitude and her willingness to roll up her sleeves gives her clients the assurance that she has their best interests at heart, solidifying long lasting relationships that are based on trust and mutual respect.

In her spare time, Kayla enjoys reading, travelling, and cooking.

Ka yla Bridgman



Aleah - Transparent.png

Can't Live Without: Family, Sunshine, and Plants!

Pet Peeves: Loud chewers and slow drivers!

Aleah grew up in the core of Durham region, but she’s all about country living these days. She’s a proud mama of two girls, and a farm full of animals. She’s seasoned in both city and rural properties, with 20 years of personal buying and selling experience, and licensed in real estate since 2010. She has a strong design aesthetic and a keen eye for transforming ordinary spaces into the extraordinary. Her interior design background is an asset to helping create beautiful, harmonious, and organized homes. She takes great care in guiding and supporting her clients and her goal is always to build lasting connections. 

A leah W ilson

Favourite Things: Books, popcorn & wine

Can Live Without: Loud chewing, slow drivers and the word 'moist'. It needs to go.

Can't Live Without: Family & Friends, Sunshine & Shoes

Pet Peeves:

People who


and under-deliver

Tania Sheridan


A graduate of the University of Waterloo with a Masters Degree in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology, Tania has made a mark in a variety of industries with a mandate to strengthen, educate and promote individual and business growth. She has an extensive background in customer service, management and sales. Tania has dealt in real estate for over a decade and developed her love of trading through her experience with her own transactions and growing her portfolio of investment properties. She believes in building wealth through real estate and making this possible for everyone at every stage of life. Tania is sincerely motivated by helping individuals and families find ways of achieving their goals.  She takes pride in building loyal, lasting relationships and uses her knowledge and experience to help others succeed. She is a skilled negotiator and communicator who is highly organized.  Tania lives in Bowmanville with her husband, three little humans and their dog, Bella. When she is not helping her clients,  you will likely find her at one of the many parks, rinks and ball diamonds in Durham. 

Brandon Sheridan


As a lifelong resident of Durham Region, Brandon is passionate about doing right by those in his community.  Prior to a career in real estate, Brandon spent years working in labour relations; commuting throughout Ontario. He is a skilled negotiator and communicator, and has a true knack for being able to calmly analyze and react thoughtfully to any situation.   Brandon is known for his competitiveness; a trait he developed naturally through his years participating and volunteering in high level sports.  

Brandon is a firm believer in building wealth through real estate; and is extremely passionate about helping families achieve goals and reach their full potential. Brandon lives in Bowmanville with his wonderful wife Tania, their three young children, and their dog Bella. When he isn’t with his family, working, or volunteering, Brandon loves taking in sporting events and tries to get on the golf course as much as he can. 

Brandon 1_edited.png
Brandon 2 (Smaller).png

Favourite Things: Books, popcorn & wine

Can Live Without: Loud chewing, slow drivers and the word 'moist'. It needs to go.

Can't Live Without: Bubble baths, cars and my phone!

Pet Peeves:

Unorganized closets/cupboards & people who drive without their lights on.

K r ys ten K ing


Although Krysten is new to our team, Durham Region is her stomping grounds. Krysten grew up in Pickering with her grandparents, went to University in Oshawa, has worked for ten years in Pickering, and now wants to help others by sharing all her ins on what this region has to offer.

Krysten’s experience in the process of buying a new build property from floor plans and purchasing two resale condominiums of her own has provided her with a great wealth of knowledge.

Working is Krysten’s passion, but when she’s not, she most likely will be spending time with family, reading or baking - “without burning the house down” as she puts it.

Kevin - Transparent.png

Favourite Things: Books, popcorn & wine

Can Live Without: Loud chewing, slow drivers and the word 'moist'. It needs to go.

Can't Live Without: Coffee, wine, books, and sports!

Pet Peeves:

Bad drivers and rude people!

K evin M artell


After spending his youth in Timmins and Huntsville, Kevin has now lived in Durham Region for over ten years. He is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, which has helped him develop an excellent understanding of real estate market trends and shifts. He has an extensive professional background in client service, sales, and event management, and he is dedicated to ensuring that every person he works with is ecstatic with their experience and results. A natural relationship builder, Kevin truly loves getting to know people, and he is deeply passionate about helping them achieve their goals. When he’s not working, Kevin can usually be found spending time with his young family, reading a book, watching sports, at the gym, or on the golf course (just probably not on the fairway). 

Favourite Things: Books, popcorn & wine

Can Live Without: Loud chewing, slow drivers and the word 'moist'. It needs to go.

Can't Live Without: HUGS - they make everything better!

Pet Peeves: When people cut you off mid-sentence, or try to 'one-up' you. So annoying!

Janna grew up in the Durham Region and has lived there most of her life. She, and her husband James, recently purchased their second home and now reside in Peterborough. She knows firsthand what the market is like and how to win in multiple offer situations. As homeowners decide to move east, Janna is excited to serve and support the Northumberland, Peterborough and Kawartha regions. When she's not outside hiking the trails and exploring or soaking up the sun, Janna loves to practice yoga and mindfulness. Her core values in her personal life also mirror her approach to helping her clients achieve their life goals: Health, Family, Integrity, Honesty, Authenticity & Adventure. Janna believes that a happy home is a healthy home, and is available to advise clients on creating a healthy home environment in addition to their buying and selling needs.

Janna James


Tarr yn Venne


A magnetic personality you don't want to miss out on! Tarryn joined the Kayland Group recently with 2 years experience in real estate. His zest for life and desire to have fun has been a great contribution to our team and no doubt, will have an impact on future client events! Living in Durham for over 20 years, Tarryn knows the region well & is bilingual in French and English! With a diploma from Durham College for Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management, Tarryn started his very own car detailing business at the age of 17. With a passion for real estate investing, Tarryn decided to move on to a career in Real Estate where he can have more flexibility in his business and be able to help families in the Durham Region. In his free time, Tarryn enjoys coaching & playing hockey, video games & meeting new people. 

Tarryn-11 - Transparent.png

Can't Live Without:

Technology, apple cider,

honey for his tea

& his dog Bear

Pet Peeves:

Slow drivers &

unreliable people

Tarryn - Transparent.png
Karen A  ydt


Karen 1.png
Karen 2 - Transparent.png


Favourite Things: Books, popcorn & wine

Can Live Without: Loud chewing, slow drivers and the word 'moist'. It needs to go.

Can't Live Without: Coffee, family & music

Pet Peeves:

Dawdlers and shopping carts left in the middle of the aisle

M ar y Shaw


Mary's extensive background in the financial industry as well as her background in HR and facility management is why she is a perfect fit. Fastidious about providing our clients with personalized care, Mary's attention to detail and loyalty to clients has made her a favourite among the team and clients alike. Always responding promptly to clients needs, she is committed to providing them with extraordinary customer service. With Mary at the helm of operations, our team is able to provide our clients with the attention and results they deserve.

Mary moved to Oshawa in 1992, where she raised her two children, Kevin and Crystal with her husband, Robert. 
She loves to travel, read, listen to music and still routinely rocks out at concerts!


Favourite Things: Books, popcorn & wine

Can Live Without: Loud chewing, slow drivers and the word 'moist'. It needs to go.

Can't Live Without:

Live Music!!

Pet Peeves:

Poorly Executed Book - To - Movie Adaptations

C r ystal Shaw


One of the kindest people you will ever meet and a natural problem solver, Crystal is a perfect fit for the role of our client care department. Her caring, dependable and happy disposition leaves clients feeling as though they are her only client.

Having grown up in Oshawa, Crystal's innate love of people led her to pursuing a career in early childhood education. But with a natural eye for detail and holding a certificate in social media marketing, Crystal's love lies in creating clever digital marketing campaigns for Kayland, as well as our valued clients.
When she's not working, Crystal enjoys
camping, being out on the lake on her paddle board, and practicing yoga.

Can't Live Without: Friendship, family & wine

Pet Peeves: 

Ugly decor 

Shannon Jakob


Shannon Jakob has over18 years experience in visual merchandising in both the fashion and home furnishing industries, where she styled stores across Canada. Her natural talent and passion for decorating led her to pursue a full-time career as a sought-after home stager.

Shannon has fed her love of art for over ten years by volunteering at The Station Gallery. This deep appreciation of art and eye for detail also helps her to source the perfect artwork for each and every home she stages.

Shannon's unique viewpoint and love of creating beautiful spaces has earned her a strong reputation as a stager who routinely helps clients close quickly, and for higher profit.

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