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Kayland Group: Real Estate, Staging & Design

Led by prominent real estate agents Tracy Mullin and Larry Lloyd, The Kayland Group (a division of the Mullin | Lloyd Team) is a Durham-based real estate, staging & design firm which places a strong emphasis on developing creative marketing strategies as well as exclusive design services only offered to their real estate clients. Tracy Mullin, also a residential property developer and designer, helps homeowners discover their personal taste with a style that’s unrestrained yet refined, creating homes that are not only visually stunning, but accurately convey the personal tastes and experiences of the people living there.

As a first time home buyer this process was intimidating and I came in with the bare minimum in terms of knowledge. Kayla & Tracy were beyond patient with me. With their guidance I was able to narrow down what I really wanted in a home instead of being overwhelmed with neighbourhood, value retention etc. There is much more to buying a home than I imagined and I'm so happy I was in the best hands possible.


Kayland Testimonials
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